Retirement Countdown
TIMEUNTIL countdown screensaver and slide show maker

TimeUntil™ makes an excellent retirement countdown. It can also count from a time forward, or it can countdown to a time and then switch to count from that time forward. Messages can be added before and after the timer. This message can change as the timer changes from countdown to count from.

Use the links at the left to view screenshots, a list of the features and DOWNLOAD the 10 day trail.

Sample countdown clocks that you can design and generate for use on Windows and MAC (osX) computers.

Layout options for screensavers.

The versatile timer and the ability to create and distribute digital clock, countdown screensavers and slide shows makes TimeUntil™ an excellent choice for a countdown clock, a retirement countdown, a wedding countdown or any other use that requires the ability to countdown or count from.

The clocks, screensavers and slide shows that you make can be distributed royalty free.






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